Martin Gam

About Martin Gam:

An image is a picture of a picture. This phrase sprang from my mind, as a paraphrase of Gertrude Stein's famous quote a rose is a rose is a rose, when I became acquainted with Martin Gams special digital visual constructions.

The pictures are perfect virtual visual compositions created on the basis of already existing images that have been interwoven with other images, layer upon layer, sampled liked music until a totally new image appear, one that have never existed before nor will again!

The pictures are amazing constructions interwoven by electronic lights and colors that give each picture a strange kind of depth as were they real 2D or 3D structures. It takes a great technical skill on one side, and on the other side, there is a sensitivity and sympathetic esthetic and artistic nerve, which turn them into new images of unknown value. Images are ransformed from technical constructions to a new form of electronic painting. And what is interesting here, is not the years of work with a brush or spatula. It's about the man with the 'mouse' who issects and re-assembles or combines images from completely different contexts, giving them a new magical life, from where they become a whole new kind of integrated visual form. It is tempting to use images of various machine parts, for they contain a wealth of wires and connections through surcharges and working to become the new constructions of modern Storm P connotation. But Gam is fortunately far and is working with portraits, landscapes and nature, which is equivalent to a new reality through computer image onto the print at a raditional media like paper, canvas or metal plate. Through the process of wall, charts used technique ironically seen twice, both as a new technique and something that eventually turned into an analogue image.

It is indeed a risky process, as many, so called, computer artists over time really has come to map opposite, because the images had to die. Martin Gams images containing a particular processing and quality, so this is not done for his photos, reflecting his professional approach.

It is clear that Gams method provides for a display area, working with the chaotic, because the image on the image tends to create chaos. But still felt Gams oversight and willingness to rein in the chaos and give it structure and shape, which is precisely the task of art. So even if there's something apocalyptic than many of the big pictures, so there somewhere, something the eye can find rest in, and discover that there exists chaos in the cosmos. In other images - not least machine images - there is also a lightness and play with colours and shapes, which suggest a humorous approach.

Erik Meistrup