June Jin Engelharth

Introduction to June Jin

Fine art painter & Korean Adoptee June Jin Engelharth 1977. Based in Copenhagen.


Artistically June Jin has traveled fare and wide, before she found her métier as a painter. After her graduation from College of visual art & design in 2000, she?s been around in decoration for museum exhibits, set decoration for TV, commercials and also assisted artists like Christian Lemmertz & Peter Land in their art-production. She became a full time artist in 2007. June Jin is an international artist, showing works at galleries Art Fairs & Museums.

Expression form

June Jin Engelharth?s expression form is, oil on canvas, oil on plexiglas & photography, she combines these materials as well. Her paintings are fusions between the old masters like Rembrandt van Rijn and modern design. This is her way to update, the great old masters techniques to the modern world.

Art Projects

June Jin also creates art projects, with socially relevant subjects, performed as interactive events & street art.


June Jin's paintings are inspired by & revolves around modern human beings, our struggles within, human beings who already have the entire world's cultural history downloaded in their brains, while they are chasing around after own identities, ambitions, belives, innovative fixes and new knowledge.

June Jin?s models are picked out during her field research. June Jin?s paintings are mostly depictions of authentic persons, once in a while she mixes real persons with made up once. at the same time it all relates to her inspiration revolving around the growth theory of Creative Class, in which the mail ingredients are: Talent, Technology & Tolerance.